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Take a look at our selection of beautiful handmade tajine’s

Fez Blue

ZIRI’s Fez Blue Tajines enable you to bring a slice of Moroccan culture into your home, whilst simultaneously helping to keep a tradition alive. 

With each use of these elegant dishes, imagine the clay as it drops onto the foot-operated potter’s wheel and is shaped to perfection by generations of skilled hands. 

Feel the warmth of the sun that has dried the form.  Enjoy the beauty of the detailed, hand-painted Tarz el Fassi embroidery designs as you honor this age-old art form that has survived into the 21st century.

Fresh Mint

Our Fresh Mint Tajines tell a story about the generations of brilliant leather crafters that have preserved the artful methods of a time-honored trade – much like the creative minds behind our signature earthenware. 

Each one is embellished with a unique splattering of the very same colors you will find in Fez’s incredible souq. 

It’s a vibrant, culture-rich addition to any spread!


من جد وجد ومن زرع حصد

This is the proverb featured on our vibrant Liyam Tajine.  Loosely translated, it means, “Whoever perseveres in something will find what they’ve been striving for; whoever sows their seed will reap its benefits.” 

The phrase denotes the rewards that stem from the time and energy you devote to creating the future you so desire. 

After all, nothing worth doing is easy!

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